1R car park manager


1R Car Manager allows to handle all data related to vehicles: administrative information, all kinds of insurance policies, technical and other information, maintenance expenses, information about the trips: clients, dates, documents, drivers, routes, mileage, fuel consumption, expenses and financial results.

1R can help you:

  • Within a few seconds write and print waybills; quickly and effectively edit, view, store them;
  • For each waybill to enter the expenses, the fill-ups, the mileage and the fuel data;
  • Use unlimited list of technical parameters and accompanying documents;
  • Audit of fuel tanks and internal gas stations;
  • Distribute vehicles by units;
  • Manage data on clients, drivers, routes, cost categories, gas stations;
  • Get extremely accurate fuel consumption data by setting different fuel consumption rates depending on the load of the vehicle;
  • Conveniently and systematically calculate repairs and maintenance costs for every vehicle;
  • Payment history and balance for clients;
  • Enter trip costs in different currencies and payment methods;
  • Get the financial results of each trip;
  • More effectively manage the company’s vehicles using analytical, statistical reports;
  • Get a large amount of extended reports prepared in accordance with the information gathered by the system;
  • Easily access a large set of vehicle parameters: cost per spending category, cost per kilometer or daily cost, the average fuel consumption;
  • Enter vehicles rent transaction, edit, view them;
  • Monitor, analyze rental operations for each vehicle or the whole unit;
  • Easily access the history of maintenance costs and revenues earned from trips for every vehicle;
  • Get the financial results of each rental operation.