business apps Pilot


Pilot business apps are financial management software that designed from the outset for all types of business activity.

Pilot business apps combine innovative solutions, variety of functional options and ease of use. Pilot uses the client-server technology, which enables any size of company to maximize its IT investment. Pilot designed to work in Windows operating systems with such data servers as MySQL, ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server and others. Pilot allows customers to integrate their complete technology solution with their accounting system. The customers business needs are what drives the development of the product.

Pilot includes easy customizable modules like Payroll, Car Park Manager, Urban infrastructure audit and others.
Business apps Pilot advantages:

  • The application is powerful and user-friendly. It does not require special handling and programming skills for users;
  • A wide range of reports of the various levels;
  • Data export to mobile devices;
  • Automatic filling of templates under State Tax Inspection;
  • Easily integrates with other accounting systems;
  • Supports cancellation of operations;
  • Convenient help system;
  • Navigating the system is clear, intuitive and easily understandable;
  • A powerful search engine. Any information stored can be used in the search criterion;
  • All information is kept in a systematic order;
  • Very high speed of operation;
  • Event-driven operation, with no limitations on user flexibility and control;
  • User can choose use only the necessary options or modules and ignore others;
  • Data retention time is determined only by user;
  • Access restriction to information;
  • While preparing a report you can export data to other tools (like Microsoft Office);
  • For system administrators: user management, report generator, reporting format change, system log building.

Pilot offers a truly future proof financial business solution.